Puppets and Poets Lab


“Nobodies,” at the 4th Annual Puppets and Poets Lab  at;

The Bushwick Starr

207 Starr Street, Brooklyn, NY

Cabaret for mature audiences:

December 4-7th

Thurs-Sat 8pm, Sun 7pm


Using masks, shadow puppetry, and book pieces, “Nobodies,” is a devised physical theatre piece inspired from Emily Dickinson’s poem, “I am Nobody, Who are you?”

Join us in a fantastical, post-apocalyptic exploration of identity, ego, and embracing nobodiness as the key to strength and self identity.


Come see beautiful nature deities costumed by Tamara Leacock of Recicalgem , sublime sound design by Nicole Carroll, and the acting talents of Rebecca Gray Davis, Janice GerlachTess Howsam, Jamie Law, and Melissa Puello.


I feel so inspired, grateful, and abounding with joy to collaborate with such a team of talented and beautiful artists as these lovely ladies!

Puppets and Poets Facebook Page 

Puppets and Poets Lab 2014


New Yorker

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