Visual Art


I am a playwright, educator, installation artist, and puppet designer.   I build masks, marionette puppets, backpack puppets, and shadow puppets for films and live performances using wood, paper mache, and other sculpting techniques.  I create works in traditional gallery and theatre settings and site-specifically in non-traditional spaces. I have created installations on a museum ship, in an abandoned hospital, in a Victorian house, in a national park, a 1950s hotel, and other locations.

I care very deeply about exploring the effects of moral injury on individuals, perpetrators, families, and communities.  I am passionate about social justice, feminism, exploring privilege, neurodiversity, and stewardship of the environment. The work I create is centered around these issues and themes.

Mythology, fairy tales, speculative fiction, and history majorly influence my creative practice.   I am drawn to speculative fiction as a way to reexamine our world and imagine and explore different ways of being and perceiving.  Plays inspired by historical characters and past events can reexamine history from the perspective of a voice not normally heard. I am particularly interested in working class and women’s history and using the past to discuss and understand the present.  

Visual Art Resume


 Artist Residencies


Fashion Collaborations

Nobodies: The Divine Goddess

Collaborative Installations

Novel Spaces

Performance Art








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