Visual Art


My work is rooted in community, catharsis, ritual, and an immersive space to explore and express truth compassionately.  A love of aesthetics, the shear joy of working with my hands, and emotional and moral intelligence is fundamental to my creative practice.

I create wearable sculptures; specifically masks, puppets, costumes, and other objects that are used in live performances.  I use found materials, casted forms, and recycled objects in new ways.  I create work site-specifically, sometimes outside the traditional gallery or theatre setting.

I enjoy collaborating.  I have created with poets, musicians, dancers, video artists, filmmakers, sculptors, painters, writers, fashion designers, and others.

I care deeply about social justice, feminism, environmentalism, and humanism.

My aesthetics are inspired from indigenous artwork, fairy tales, and mythology.  I am deeply moved by creative play. I aim to create sacred spaces and a meditative and immersive environment.

I create live performances, to share a world with a community that is tactile, stimulating to all the senses, and experienced collectively.  I like the ephemeral nature of live performance; a singular passing moment that is shaped and shared by all who are present.

Visual Art Resume


 Artist Residencies


Fashion Collaborations

Nobodies: The Divine Goddess

Collaborative Installations

Novel Spaces

Performance Art








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