Performance Art


“Treasures,” was a devised performance piece incorporating mask and puppetry work. I constructed the costume and puppets from found materials.  A post apocalyptic bum, with a strange collection of puppets fashioned after natural objects that no longer exist, mourns the loss of nature.  The vocal work and movement vocabulary was inspired from the sounds and movements of insects.

June 2013 “Bushwick Open Studios: Hybrid Performance Art Showcase,” Brooklyn Fireproof, NYC

June 2012 “And Your Very Flesh Shall Be a Great Poem,” Arch Production & Design, NYC

May 2012 “The Cave,” Frontrunner Gallery, NYC


Drunk Girls

Performed site-specifically at the bar at Dixon Place. “Drunk Girls” explores the ritual of getting drunk. What are the gender politics of drinking culture? Why do we feel the need to get drunk?

Masks by Corinne Beardsley

Directed/Devised by Lavinia Roberts

Jan. 2013 “Drunk Girls,” Dixon Place, Manhattan

June 2012 “Transformation: Holding On/Letting Go,” Diana H. Jones Center, Brooklyn


A Big Bang

“A Big Bang,” explores gendered movement vocabulary and gender constructions using quirky vaudeville aesthetics.

Sept. 2013 “Bad Theatre Festival,” The Tank, Manhattan

June 2013 “Potion Collective Featured Artist,” Brooklyn Fireproof, Brooklyn

June 2013 “Bindlestiff Open Variety Show,” Dixon Place, Manhattan

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