Toto Puppet

Feb. 2018

Here is a Toto puppet I created for the Lawrence Art Center’s production of The Wizard of Oz, in Lawrence, KS.

Click here to see a video of the Toto puppet in action!

Here are production photos:


Trinity Institute Water Justice Puppets

March 25, 2017

Cecilia Roberts and I created a giant Mother Earth Puppet and Lady Liberty Puppet for Water Family Day, an activity-filled exploration of water and climate change issues for kids of all ages, at Saint Pauls Chapel in New York City.

Mother Earth Puppeteer: Chrissie O’Heron

Lady Liberty Puppeteer: Krystal Sobaskie

Special Thanks To: Wendy Claire Barrie

Nativity Puppets

Dec 24th 2016

Cecilia Roberts and I designed and constructed 18 parade puppets for the family Christmas Eve Service at Trinity Church Wall Street in New York City.

Special Thanks to Wendy Barrie, Charis J. Carmichael Braun, Rebecca Gray Davis, Sarah Elise Hall, Thanasis Konstantinidis, Chrissie O’Heron.

The Enchanted Realm of René Magritte

August 6-August 20th 2016

Inspired by the work of surrealist painter, Rene Magritte, The Enchanted Realm of Rene Magritte featured performance and installation set in an 8 room mansion on Governors Island. Eight playwrights came together to create a beautifully surreal story of love and memory; moving audiences in and out of the various rooms. Magritte’s three panel mural The Enchanted Realm served as the source material for this immersive production created by Exquisite Corpse Company.

Created shadow puppetry, masks, and a giant fish head.

Artist Assistant: Thanasis Konstantinidis


December 2014

Part of the 4th Annual Puppet and Poet Lab

Presented by Alphabet Arts

at The Bushwick Starr

Using masks, shadow puppetry, and book pieces, “Nobodies,” is a devised physical theatre piece inspired from Emily Dickinson’s poem, “I am Nobody, Who are you?”

A fantastical, post-apocalyptic exploration of identity, ego, and embracing nobodiness as the key to strength and self identity.

Built and Directed by Lavinia Roberts

Costumes by Tamara Leacock

Sound Design Composed by Nicole Carroll

Performed by

Rebecca Gray Davis, Janice Gerlach, Tess Howsam, Jamie Law, and Melissa Puello.

This solo shadow puppet piece was performed at The Sheen Center, Manhattan, NY, in April 2015, as part of “The Struggle of Art and Faith,” an evening of live performance exploring the intersections of art, ritual, and religion.

These shadow puppets were also used in the larger ensemble version of “Nobodies,” with mask and movement, in the 2014 Puppets and Poets Lab at the Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn, NY.


February 2012

Featuring book and lyrics by Bryony Lavery, music by Gary Yershon, and direction by Tony Graham

Created found object puppetry for TYA Production.

Provincetown Playhouse, Manhattan, NY

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