“Eaten Voices,” in the Arts in Nature Festival, Seattle, WA

Director Lily Raabe and I are teaming up for the fourth time, for “Eaten Voices.” The inaugural production of “Eaten Voices,” directed by Lily, won best production in the Thespis Theatre Festival and $5000 in 2012.

After a run in Dixon Place, Manhattan, NY, and a staged reading in the Unheard Focus Festival 2015, a festival dedicated to ending sexual violence, at the The Bread & Roses Theatre with Goblin Baby Theatre Company, London, UK, I am so glad that this work will again be shared.

This piece will be performed site specifically, around a bonfire, as part of the Arts in Nature Festival, at Camp Long, in Seattle, WA this August.

Lily will again be using devised physical movement, dance, mask work, live music, and puppetry.  Ahmed Alabaca will again be performing his live, original composition on piano.

I am so teary-eyed and overjoyed to be working with this team of brilliant, dedicated, and beautiful artists!  This is a play near and dear to my heart and I feel so blessed to be sharing this piece again and to have the privilege of working with Lily and Ahmed!

Leona, a plucky young girl, is trapped in night, being followed by unknown creatures. She meets a child, a child who knows nothing, and decides that she must be the Moon’s Child. Together, they travel through night, a place of stories, song, dance, and mystery, heading towards day.  They meet a plethora of strange characters. As Leona approaches day, she begins to remember the trauma of her past and why she retreated into night.

(Excerpt original show)

(Ahmed making magic at the piano!)

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