Pollinators Parade, 2022 Art in the Loop Project: Sustainable

The Pollinators Parade took place at Oppenstein Brothers Memorial Park, Downtown Kansas City, Missouri as part of 2022 Art in the Loop Project: Sustainable. The participatory performance centered honeybees and native pollinators in the Kansas City area. Pollinating animals are threatened due to loss of habitat, chemical misuse, introduced and invasive plant and animal species, and diseases and parasites. The U.S. has lost over 50% of its managed honeybee colonies over the past 10 years.

Special thanks to Brett Creason and MO Hives KC for joining us to discuss how to support local pollinators. MO Hives KC puts bee hives on vacant urban lots, creating bee farms that pollinate nearby food gardens, while invigorating the community with a wide range of experiential learning opportunities.

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