Artist Residencies

The Bead Project

UrbanGlass, Brooklyn, NY Sept.-Nov. 2015

The Bead Project is a scholarship program for women. Over the course of ten classes at the UrbanGlass studios, students learn the art of glass beadmaking and simple jewelry fabrication techniques. After successful fulfillment of The Bead Project curriculum, students receive a kit containing the necessary tools and equipment for continuing to produce their work. Ongoing advocacy is provided to graduates by The Bead Project and UrbanGlass.


March 2015 Alternative, Environmental Art, Raumers, Rauma, Finland


Letter Press Publishing Seminar for Emerging Writers

The Center for Book Arts, New York, NY, Nov. 2014

I was 1 of 8 participants selected for the Letterpress Publishing Seminar for Emerging Writers at The Center for Book Arts in New York City, November 4-9th.

Participants heard lectures from various professionals in the field – printers, fine press publishers, book artists, and dealers, to get a practical overview of letterpress printing and small press publishing. They will learn the basics of letterpress printing, both traditional typesetting and options with new technology, by collaboratively printing a small edition of broadsides or other projects.


Daruma Eco-Farm

Bang Phra, Thailand, May 2014

I created puppets and devised a production with elementary students.


Enigmata Treehouse and Ecolodge

Camiguin, Philippines, April 2014

I created masks, props, and costume pieces at a local arts camp.  I also led a writing workshop with young artists.

My deep, heartfelt gratitude to healer, activist, visual artist, dancer, and force for good, Rosalie, for sharing her community with me.


The League Residency at Vyt

Sparkill, NY, March 2014

Sponsored under the auspices of the Ruth Katzman Scholarship (Thank you!).

Many cultures, past and present, had spirits and deities as part of the natural world. They saw the world as sacred, worthy of stewardship, full of stories and that affected their relationship or understanding of natural places.

“Personifications,” explores how our relationship with an environment changes when the space is personified.

Costumes: Christine Samar

Photography: Nina Berlingeri and Lavinia Roberts


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