“Fairy Fort” with Big Dog Plays!

511Check out one of my new play, “Fairy Fort,” just released with Big Dog Plays!

In this fairytale spoof of the reality TV show “Shark Tank,” fairytale characters present business proposals to judges with the hope of achieving happily ever after. Contestants include an evil witch who pitches a new, improved sleeping potion for those suffering from putrid princess infestations. A wolf shows off his portable wind turbine machine powerful enough to blow down brick houses. Rumpelstitskin offers up a spinning wheel that spins straw into gold. Two childless Bakers request an enchanted oven that can turn gingerbread cookies into children. For use in the pest control industry, the Pied Piper promotes an enchanted pipe that lures away all types of vermin. And self-described footwear-o-phile elves request backing for cobbling their own line of fashionably chic shoes. Judges include a dragon, a fairy godmother, an enchantress, a witch with a skincare line for removing warts, and even the bestselling self-help author Prince Charming!

Photos from Moonlit Wings Productions rehearsals for Fairy Fort.

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