“Happily Ever After’s Dating Show” with Big Dog Plays!

Happily Ever After Dating ShowA new fairy tale comedy, “Happily Ever After’s Dating Show,” is now available with Big Dog Plays!

Welcome to the dating show where contestants find the prince or princess of their dreams and live happily ever after…um, well, maybe? Little Red Riding Hood gets to select from an Happily Ever After Dating Show“impressive” group of bachelors including a hyperactive gingerbread man, a shepherd boy who is a pathological liar, and a ravenous wolf who likes wearing sheep’s clothing. Then there’s Prince Charming, an inspirational speaker and author of several best-selling self-help books who must choose between Cinderella, a holistic health nut, or her spoiled, whiny stepsisters who have stinky feet and like to shop and party. Snow White’s bachelors include Rumpelstiltskin, a frog who advocates for wetland preservation, and her own stepmother, who has disguised herself as a bachelor so she can trick Snow White into eating a poisoned apple. Rip-roaring, riotous fun!

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