“My Fair Dragon” now at Big Dog Plays!

My new play, “My Fair Dragon,” is now available with Big Dog Plays!

King Cuthbert and Queen Priscilla have to break the bad My fair to Princess My fair dragonPoppy: She can’t keep her pet dragon Dimpleton in the castle anymore. The monster just isn’t fit for palace life. He knocks everything over with his giant tail, he belches fire at the dinner table, and he accidentally burned down the royal apple orchard. To help Dimpleton adjust to palace life, Princess Poppy asks Prince Charming to give Dimpleton a crash course on castle charm and etiquette. Prince Charming tries to show Dimpleton how to introduce himself without roaring, how to dance in the ballroom without looking like he is circling prey, and how to smile without bearing his teeth menacingly or burping fire at the dinner table. Dimpleton tries his best to be the perfect palace pet, but he is a dragon after all!

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