“Is This Seat Taken?” Available with Big Dog Plays!

Check out this fun collection of monologue for young performers, “Is This Seat Taken,” available with Big Dog Plays!

All seats will be taken for this side-splitting monologue Is This Seat Taken?  This collection is this seat taken?features a marvelous myriad of socially awkward characters and situations. There’s the new kid who has a tendency to talk too much, a teen who thinks her messy bedroom is actually an efficient organizational system, a bookish student who wants the theme for the spring dance to be “Dancing Under the Amoebas,” an insecure girl who can’t figure out what to wear to a sleepover, and an art student who turns in a blank piece of paper as her self-portrait. Wildly funny and easy to perform, all ten monologues can be performed on a bare stage with minimal props.

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