Reviews of “The Enchanted Realm of René Magritte”

I created shadow puppetry, masks, and a giant fish head for this surreal production on Governors Island this summer with Exquisite Corpse Company.

Here are two reviews of the production that commented on the work of the various  artists involved in the production.

“The art direction deserves a standing ovation for the ingenious design of the house’s eight rooms. Those visuals guide the audience just as much as the dialogue. Magritte’s iconography threads vividly through every room, floating umbrellas and green apples and masked bodies, even the giant mouth of a trout in a room in which every inch of the walls is covered in seashells.”   –   Brooklyn Based, Regina Mogilevskaya

Photos: Al Rodriguez Photography

“As you follow the actors into various rooms in this house which is for sale, you understand that the house is a larger metaphor for Magritte’s history and consciousness. The rooms symbolize or evoke the disparate intellectual, physical, intimate soulish aspects of Magritte’s identity.” – Blog Critics: The Critical Lens on Todays Culture and Entertainment, Carole Di Tosti 

The production also received a shout out in Extended Play, the  weekly roundup of theater from around the world that falls under the realm of investigative, immersive or interactive theater.


Performances of The Enchanted Realm of René Magritte will run every Saturday and Sunday at 1pm and 4pm through Sept. 25. Tickets are $15 and sell out quickly.  Check it out!






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